Fairbanks Christmas Bird Count

Ken Whitten Ptarmigan.jpg

57 years and counting!

The Fairbanks Christmas Bird Count is part of the Annual Christmas Bird Count, a nation-wide winter tradition organized by the National Audubon Society throughout the American hemisphere. For more than a century this citizen-based conservation effort has resulted in a huge and valuable database for understanding bird population dynamics. This information is used to develop conservation strategies for birds and their habitats and to evaluate climate change.

Each count is run in the same way each year. The same size circle defines the count area and the same time period is used. The effort made to find birds is recorded as well as the collected data, the weather, and habitat conditions. The database is available for anyone to view and/or use. For more information visit the National Audubon Christmas Bird Count web page.

Stay tuned for more information on the 2018 Fairbanks Christmas Bird Count! 

View the Fairbanks data archives coming soon! 


Image provided by Ken Whitten, Wildlife & Wood, Fairbanks, Alaska