Our volunteers organize public presentations, the Fairbanks Christmas Bird Count, and spring bird walks. We also contribute to community education and conservation events throughout the year and publish the Fairbanks Area Hiking & Birding Guide.

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Fairbanks Christmas bird count

The Fairbanks count is part of the Annual Christmas Bird Count, a nationwide winter tradition organized by National Audubon throughout the American hemisphere. 

Programs and presentations

Arctic Audubon organizes monthly community presentations during the fall, winter, and spring. Topics include current scientific research, conservation concerns, travel and international birding, recreational opportunities, and more. We also offer annual birding field trips during spring migration, and are involved in community events throughout Fairbanks. 

Visit our Calendar of Events to see what is coming up! 

Birding resources 

Arctic Audubon publishes the Fairbanks Area Hiking and Birding Guide, a map to birding trails and hotspots throughout the area. Also visit the Alaska Songbird Institute's Birding in Fairbanks page for additional recommendations.

Image provided by Ken Whitten, Wildlife & Wood, Fairbanks, Alaska